There are many advantages to retaining WISEMAN for commission based debt recovery services. We are not like traditional collection agencies and we are not like traditional law firms. We take the best of both worlds and leave the bad behind.

Commission Based
Legal Collections

Our collection retainer offers commission based debt recovery services, unlike traditional law firms.

Global Reach

We have no geographical boundaries so we will never turn down business solely based on the debtor's geographical location. Most traditional collection agencies cannot make this claim.

Recovering Collection Fees
from Debtors

We can demand and recover Legal/Collection fees from debtors.

  • Assigned Balance$5,000.00
  • Commission fee (listed as Legal Costs)$1,000.00
  • Amount Legally Demanded from Debtor$6,000.00

If successful, the debtor would virtually pay the cost of our service. Furthermore, this tool serves as a great leverage piece that we can bring to the negotiating table on your behalf. This helps our efforts in avoiding settlements shy of the assigned principal amount.

Traditional collection agencies are generally only able to pursue the principal balance which makes them more likely to have to settle for less. Our advantage here will prove invaluable in reducing your 3rd party collection expense/annual write-offs to bad debt.

Complimentary Final Demands

We offer complimentary final demand letters on our legal letterhead, just prior to the collection stage. Legal letters are not typically offered complimentary with traditional law firms. Collection agencies may offer a similar final demand system, but the impact of our legal demands are received with a much higher sense of urgency. Obviously a lawyer's letter will carry a lot more weight. The proof is in the results.

Working Outside the Box

As a law firm, we have the ability to physically appear at debtor locations. Traditional collection agencies are not permitted to do so.

Count on WISEMAN

It has become well-known that collection agencies simply do not handle their clients' business with the care and professionalism that it deserves.

Our combined legal & collection experience gives our clients confidence that they are being well represented. We pride ourselves on employing a professional approach in all of our tasks. The WISEMAN way delivers results while ensuring that our clients maintain their good image.

If at any time you would like to discuss these advantages further, please feel free to contact us directly at 289-301-2799 (877-409-9724) or by email at